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Acrylic Quick Dry Traffic Paints

Acrylic Waterborne Quick Dry Traffic Paints With 50% Solids - Polymer Emulsion Binder & Liquid Drier.

  • Excellent Performance On Highways, Parking Lots & Airports.
  • Spec. TTP-1952-E FDOT-971
  • White, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red and Green
  • 5 Gallon Pails
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Pre-Formed Thermoplastic Hot-Tape

Hot-Tape, Heat Fused, Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement (Glass Beaded) Marking. Designed For Easy Application Has The Durability Of Hot Applied Thermo!

  • White/Yellow 12” x 3’ x 10” Strips
  • White/Yellow 6” x 3’ x 20” Strips
  • Arrows, Handicap Symbols, Wordage
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Parking Lot Signs

All Signs Are .080 Gauge H-5052 Federal Approved Alloy

  • 30” STOP/Do Not Enter Hi-Prismatic or Diamond Grade
  • 12”x 18” Handicap Permit or Fine
  • 12”x 6” Handicap $250 Fine/Van Accessible
  • 30” Right/Left Turn Only
  • 18”x 24” No Parking Fire Lane By Order Of Police/Fire Dept
  • 12”x 18” No Parking Any Time or Fire Lane
  • 12”x 36” One Way
  • 9 Button Red or Yellow
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Parking Lot Sign Posts

Holes are 3/8 in. diameter spaced 1 inch apart on center for easy sign mounting.

  • Green 2# U-Channel 8' / 10’ / 12’
  • Square Post 10’ / 12’ / 3’ Sleeve
  • Galvanized 3# U-Channel 10’ / 12’ / 30”
  • hardware Set: 2-Bolts, 2-Nuts, 2-Lock Washers 2-Plastic Washers, Installs 1 sign to post
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ADA Warning Mat

Detectable Warning Tiles provide a physical warning for visually impaired pedestrians.

INDESTRUCTIBLE Lightweight, UV-stabilized and impact-modified polymer composite material will not crack, chip, break, crush or wear down, and provides years of use without discoloration or fading.

  • DWT Tough ADA Warning EZ Mat
  • Injection-molded polymer composite
  • Lightweight and Economical
  • QUICK AND EASY Installation
  • Yellow ADA MAT 2’ x 4’ (24” x 48”)
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Parking Lot Supplies

Everything You Need To Keep Cars Under Control & People Safe Around Traffic!

  • Delineators
  • 60” Bollard Covers  (Special Sizes/Colors Available)
  • Reflective Pavement Markers Yellow / Blue / Red / Green / White / Red-Clear Box of 100 or Individuals
  • Bundy Pads - Torch application for Adhesion of RPM’s or Delineators to Asphalt & Concrete. 5x5” (RPM) / 8x8” (Delineators)
  • Rubber Speed Bump w/End Caps & Hardware
  • Rubber Car Stop With White, Yellow or Blue Stripe Includes Hardware
  • Concrete Car Stops
  • Carpins

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