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macro flex

Polymeric Latex Additive for All Types of Seal Coatings. Meets FAA P-627 & 628.

  • Faster Drying Times
  • Longer Lasting Performance
  • Increased Toughness & Flexibility
  • Promotes Uniform Charcoal Black Color
  • Increases Capacity to Suspend Higher Loads of Sand in Sealer Mix Design
  • Improved Gasoline, Oil & Chemical Resistance

Macro-Flex Product Info

Macro-Flex Safety Data Sheet


Rapid Drying Additive for Seal Coatings That Does Not Alter Mix design.

  • Speeds Up Drying Reducing Labor Costs
  • Does Not Affect Viscosity
  • Hardens the Seal Coating & Reduces Power Steering Marks, Scuffing & Tearing
  • Makes Sealcoatings Dry More Uniformly and Enhances Black Color of Cured Sealer
  • Improves tensile Strength, Flexibility & Adhesion

Macro-Fast Product Info

Macro-Fast Safety Data Sheet




High Potency, Acrylic Emulsion Based Additive for Seal Coatings.

  • Faster Drying Times
  • Reduces Steering Marks, Scuffing & Tearing
  • UV Absorber Color Enhancement
  • Increases Capacity to Suspend Higher Loads of Sand in Sealer Mix Design
  • Excellent For Both Fall & Spring Season Application

Advantage 4 Product Info

Advantage 4 Safety Data Sheet


Latex Based Primer That Adheres to and Seals Oil & Grease Spots on Asphalt Pavements.

  • Polymeric matrix creates a tough film that will bond aggressively to the contaminated area
  • Allows all types of sealers to adhere properly to the freshly primed area & prevents bleed through
  • Dries in about 20 minutes
  • Concentrated – Add 2 parts Water to 1 Part SOS

S.O.S. Primer Product Info

S.O.S. Primer Safety Data Sheet




High Performance Asphalt Cold Patch Material For Repairing Potholes in Driveways & Parking Lots.

  • Use in wet /dry conditions, in any temperature
  • Easy to use - does not require heating
  • Fast and permanent
  • Repairs can be opened to traffic immediately
  • Minimum 2-year shelf life

Max-A-Patch Product Info

Max-A-Patch Safety Data Sheet


Asphalt Binder is an Anionic Asphalt Emulsion Designed for Use as a Tack Coat for Patching & Paving

  • Slow setting emulsion, used for many applications, including tack and prime
  • Stronger bond between layers increases pavement structural strength and fatigue life
  • Sold in 5 Gal. Pail or in Bulk (30 Gal Min.)

SS-1H Tack Product Info

SS-1H Safety Data Sheet

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