Star-Seal of Florida Acrylic Latex Traffic Paint

star seal of florida traffic paint before and after

starseal of florida - acrylic latext traffic paint

Maintains itself as an Industry Leader due to its
Superior Fast-Drying Mix Design.

Offers Faster-Drying time (8 - 10 Mins.),
Excellent Durability and Color Retention,
and Bright Highly Visible Lines.

Colors Available
White, Yellow, Blue, and Black

Available in 5 Gallon Pails


material safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
for Acrylic White

material safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
for Acrylic Yellow

material safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
for Latex Blue

material safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
for Latex Black

material safety data sheet


Alkyd Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Materials

Starseal - alkyd thermoplastic pavement marking materials

Thermoplastic, is a molten material heated to 400F - 425F before it is applied to the pavement
by a Thermoplastic Handliner.
Florida State Spec.

Glass Beads are applied on top of
Thermoplastic via Dispenser.

White, Yellow, or Glass Beads – 50# Bag


material safety data sheet





Asphalt Application
All Tape 90 Mils Thick

6" - White/ Yellow - 30' Roll.........12" - White - 30' Roll

starseal Florida - Hot tape

Your Best Choice!
Year-round application in temperatures as low as 32ºF (0ºC).
No primers or adhesives necessary.
No cracking due to material contraction or expansion.
Impervious to vehicle oil or grease.
High retroreflectivity.
Environmentally safe: Contains no volatile organic compounds.

Easy Application!!
No heavy equipment necessary.
Minimal experience or training required to install.
No primers or adhesives.
Bonds to all primary substrates - asphalt, concrete and brick.
Easily checked for bond.
Flexible & uniform pre-beading allows for ease in installation.

Road Marking Delineators

starseal road marking delineators

White, Orange, Yellow

Two Part system with post and surface mount base
Absorbs vehicle impacts
Clover leaf design rebounds better than round tubes
Base secures with Lock pins keep post secure in base
Great for work zones, traffic separations, parking lots, and many other applications
Available in white, yellow, and orange
Reflective strips

Reflective Pavement Markers

Starseal Florida - reflective pavement markers

Raised pavement markers (RPMs) are durable, highly reflective markers used for longitudinal lines and gore markings on new and existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces. Manufactured with Diamond Grade™ prismatic optics for maximum reflectivity, are lightweight and impact resistant.




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