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STAR Macro-Deck
D.O.T. formulation

For application on Concrete bridge decks, superstructures, and concrete control barriers.

Penetrates Concrete, Not Another Coating

STAR Macro-Deck® is a specialty product, that penetrates and protects concrete, which has been tested in DOT Applications. It shields against any damage produced from deicing salts. It also provides a barrier against various petrochemicals and oils.
STAR Macro-Deck® is water thin and is Economical, Easy to Store and Apply.

Major advantages of STAR Macro-Deck®
  • Superior Grade DOT Tested Formulation
  • Penetrates Concrete, Not Another Coating
  • Improves flexural and tensile strength of the concrete.
  • 100% Acrylic Polymer Concrete Saturant
  • Easy to apply, fluid - water like consistency.
  • Water based product is safe to handle and easy to store
  • Non-flammable


Recommended Uses:
  • On all types of concrete surfaces.
  • Concrete bridge decks, support structures,
    guard walls.
  • Median dividers, curbs.
  • Grain elevators.
  • Sanitary sewer.
  • Masonry walls and floors.
  • Airport taxiways and aprons.
  • Specially formulated to perform on concrete bridge decks.


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What destroys concrete?

The irreversible effects of weathering water, deicing salts, and other elements commonly damage concrete.
Deicing salts, used for roads, produce severe spalling, map cracking, crumbling and moderate fracturing of concrete structures.

Additionally, deicing salts permeate through concrete and corrode reinforcing bars (rebars) and thus destroy the load bearing capacity of the overall concrete structure.

Over time, this can lead to the complete catastrophic structural failure.

How can concrete be protected?

Concrete can be effectively protected by a specialty treatment of STAR Macro-Deck®, that will stop salt penetration and reduce concrete deterioration by other damaging elements.

STAR Macro-Deck® is based on specialty polymers and concrete saturants. It quickly penetrates into concrete surfaces and forms a rubber matrix network inside the physical concrete structure. This rubber matrix network stops water, deicing salts, and other damaging elements.

STAR Macro-Deck® maintains the flexural and tensile strength of concrete and can be applied on new and existing concrete structures.




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