Scope Of Work
The scope of the work shall be to repair and/or replace all damaged asphalt areas indicating oil penetration, required to obtain suitable base prior to cleaning, preparation, & application of two(2) coats of STAR-SEAL RefinedTar Emulsion Sealer to the entire parking areas. A third shall be applied to all heavy-traffic areas, entrance-ways, & intersections. Restriping of all existing traffic lines, arrows, symbols, letters, & speed bumps in compliance with local codes & ordinances.

The Sealcoating Material supplied by the Contractor shall consist of STAR-SEAL Refined Tar Emulsion containing not more than 50% solids, & conforming to (ASTM) D-5727-00 Specifications. The material shall be capable of application & complete coverage, by squeegee, brush, or spray, to the bituminous surface at a spreading rate of 2.0 gallons per 10 square yards in a Two Coat Application.

STAR Macroflex, a Polymeric Latex Additive shall be added to the Sealer. This additive is a Must: Its' purpose is to keep the Sealer, Water, & Sand suspended evenly. A ration of 2 - 4% of STAR Macroflex is recommended. Sand shall be clean, air dried, hard & irregular Silica Sand. Standard Sand #60/45 will be added to the Sealer at the ratio of 2-4 lbs./Gallon. Water shall be clean, not supplied from lakes or wells, within a temperature range of 50 - 80F & a 20 - 40% cut is recommended for STAR-SEAL. STAR Oil-SPOT Primer will be utilized to address any oil spots as specified. All traffic paint shall be 100% Acrylic based.

All tools & equipment necessary to perform the contract in accordance with the specified terms & conditions, shall be provided by the Contractor. Agitating Tanks shall assure homogenous mixing of the emulsion & required additives & to maintain complete suspension of Silica Sand until the emulsion system is applied to the pavement. Spray distributors shall have mechanical mixing devices incorporated in their construction to assure homogeneous mixing of the emulsion & required additives. Conventional riding squeegees application equipment shall have two or more rubber squeegees & a following drag broom assembly to assure an even distribution of the Refined-Tar Sealer. An adequate agitator must be Incorporated in the device's holding tank to assure a homogeneous mix.

Oil Spot Priming & Surface Preparation
Thoroughly inspect the pavement looking for imperfections. Cracks that penetrate the asphalt surface & reach the rock base could be indications of structural problems that you need to discuss with the owner. For new installations, the pavement must first be cured. A process that takes a minimum of 30 days. To test if the asphalt is sufficiently cured, sprinkle some water on the asphalt & if the water forms beads instead of a continuous film, then the pavement has not cured sufficiently. Remove the surface oils by washing with an applicable detergent, pressure cleaning, or any other suitable method, then apply STAR Oil-Spot Primer as per manufacturers directions. If the oil spot is so severe as to cause permanent deterioration of the pavement, the area should be saw cut & removed to its original depth, the sides & surface of the hole tacked & filled with a proper hot asphalt mix, or a suitable cold patch mix. All dirt must be removed from the asphalt pavement. Embedded dirt must be removed by brushing, water pressure cleaning, or mechanical blowing or any combination of the foregoing. Immediately prior to applying the sealer, clean the pavement surface of all dust, dirt, leaves, water, or any other foreign materials by sweeping & mechanical blowing, making sure that the pavement is completely dried.

Sealcoat Application Guidelines
A two (2) coat system is required for all traffic areas,
a third (3) is required for all high traffic areas: including entrance areas, turning areas, & intersections.

The composition & order of the Mix Design is as Follows:

STAR-SEAL - 100 Gallons

Water - 40 Gallons

Macroflex - 3 Gallons

Sand - 400 Pounds

Application of Sealcoat
Coat the pavement edges first by pouring a continuous ribbon of the sealant mixture 6 to 12 inches away from the curbing & etc. & the spread carefully with a brush applicator around the carstops. Application can be by hand or machine. If by hand, a rubber squeegee should be used for the slurry coat & a brush should be used for the finish coat. The use of a mechanical, self propelled squeegee or hand spraying are both appropriate methods. Either method requires the applicator to deposit .12 gallons of Star-Seal per square yard for 1st coat & .06 gallons of STAR-SEAL per square yard for each succeeding coat. The coating shall be complete & free of pin-holes & voids. The finished surface shall present a uniform texture. Temperatures must be above 50 F with sunshine.


Pavement Marking Application
Given a sufficient amount of drying time, application of pavement markings is need to complete the job. If new lay-out, please follow submitted blueprints, as they should bring all marking up to Local, State, & Federal Code Regulations. Restriping of a previous layout should have prior approval from Property Owner, in case any changes are warranted. Application of Paint should be in accordance with Manufactures Specifications. Paint Manufacturer should advise as to application: Amount of drying time necessary to prevent bleeding, Proper Wet & Dry Mil Thickness, & proper curing time before letting traffic on it.


Education is Your Best Friend!
Please contact Your Manufacturer should you have ANY Questions or Concerns regarding:
Structural Integrity of the Pavement, Adverse Weather Conditions, Previous Conflicting Coatings & Pavement Marking Materials.

Everyone's Goal should be to have a Successful & Long Lasting Application!

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