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starseal filter basket

Filter Basket

The standard 5/32” & 1/8" perforated model with round holes. Welded steel baskets with handles that WILL NOT pull off. The 5/32" Baskets are powder coated so they resist rust. These baskets fit the Hayward Model 30 Simplex Strainer


starseal florida spray tip info

Threaded Sealcoat Spray Tips

A flat spray pattern distributes the liquid as a flat fan or sheet-type of spray. In the elliptical orifice design, the axis of the spray pattern is a continuation of the axis of the inlet connection.

Tips Sizes - 80/70, 80/50, 80/40, 80/30

starseal florida ball valve

Ball Valve

3/4" Bronze Threaded Full Port


starseal florida spray wand

6' Spray Wand

Includes Ball Valve, Elbow, Reducer, & Tips


starseal florida graco 1590 husky rebuilt kit

Graco 1590 Husky Rebuilt Kit (1 & 1/2")

For Use on 650 & 300 Gallon Rig

Graco 1040 Husky Rebuilt Kit (1")
For Use on 150 Gallon Rig & Port-A-Spray Unit


starseal florida graco pump air valve kit

Graco Pump Air Valve Kit

For Use on Graco 1590 & 1040 Pum


starseal florida graco pump muffler

Graco Pump Muffler

Please Note: If sealer blows out of Muffler,
Seals are definitley Shot & need to be replaced as well.

For Graco 1590 -
For Graco 1040 -


starseal florida graco pump air body gasket

Graco Pump Air Body Gasket

For both Graco 1590 & 1040 Pump - Requires 2 Gaskets


starseal florida graco 1590 dual diaphragm pump

Graco 1590 Dual Diaphragm Pump

For use on 650 & 300 Gallon Spray Rig


starseal florida graco 1040 dual diaphragm pump

Graco 1040 Dual Diaphragm Pump

For use on 150 Gallon Rig & Port-A-Spray Unit.


starseal florida hydraulic control valve

Hydraulic Control Valve

For Use on 650 & 300 Gallon Spray Rigs


starseal florida hydraulic oil return filter kit

Hydraulic Oil Return Filter Kit

Hydraulic Inlet Filter & Filter Head


starseal florida hydraulic chain

Hydraulic Chain & Master Link

Size 60 - Master Link Included!


starseal florida champion 30 gallon air compressor

Champion 30 Gallon Air Compressor

For Use on 650 & 300 Gallon Rig
12.5 HP Kohler Gas Engine


starseal florida Mi-T-m Compressor

Mi-T-M Compressor

For Use on 150 Gallon Spray Rig &
Port-A-Spray Unit
5.5 HP Honda Gas Engine


starseal florida hose reel

Hose Reel

Manual - For Use on 650 & 300 Gallon Rigs


starseal florida tip guard

Graco Tip & Tip Guard



starseal florida graco dual glass beader

Graco Dual Glass Beader

6" Dual Glass Beader - Attaches Easily!!


starseal florida graco line pointer

Graco Line Pointer

Short - 25"
Long - 40" -


starseal graco lin lazer hose

Graco Line Lazer Hose

"Blue" Hose - 50' x 3/8" -


starseal florida throat seal oil

Graco Throat Seal Oil

8 oz. -
32 oz. -


starseal florida mesh strainer

Graco Pump Inlet Strainer

3/4' & 1" -


starseal florida mesh strainer

Graco 60 Mesh Strainer

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